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At Pattterns we use the information available to generate the greatest possible impact. Know your customers’ behavior, design new products and campaigns, automate communications, reduce the risk of your Ads investments…

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Data Discovery Experts

Pattterns is a Data Science studio specialized in product design and digital strategies.

Data Discovery
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We discover previously unknown patterns of behavior and opportunities. · User / audience definition · Content Mining / Trends · Image recognition · Machine Learning · High-level market research · In-depth mapping of competitors · Product / brand engagement

Data Modelling
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Digital Strategy

Using our data science processes, we design customized solutions to solve real objectives. · Digital campaigns · Automation of recruitment processes · E-commerce strategies · Content strategies · Products design · Go-to-Market strategies

Data-driven Design
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We create high-level deliverables designed to connect with your business model. · Audiovisual production · Special content creation · User Experience (UX) Design · Design Sprints · Prototyping · Branding · eCommerce

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we are data-driven

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from data to content

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from data to insights

Expertos en Data Discovery y diseño de productos y campañas

Video: case study

With the help of Research&Markets we analyzed the positioning of hotels in 30 cities in the United States and used visual data science to understand where the industry is evolving and how they could differentiate themselves.

Watch video of a real case
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How can we work together?

We develop data science projects using artificial intelligence in order to design with that scientific base the best products and digital transformation processes.

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These types of collaborations serve to research the behavior of a specific market or target based on data science, or when you need to implement campaigns or digital transformation processes. Whatever your objective is, talk to us to set up a case, without commitment.

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Perfect when you want to incorporate Data Science processes in your company but you cannot hire specialized personnel. We will design intelligent systems to recognize behavior patterns in your market and automate the processes of sales.

What can this do for you?

For each project we design custom-made solutions. Below you can see some of the use scenarios we have gone through, which may inspire you:

automate b2b acquisition

Systems of attraction and automatic evaluation of commercial opportunities for B2B companies

create tailor-made campaigns

Design and implementation of marketing campaigns based on behavioral studies.

subscription / project-based
know a specific target

Research with artificial intelligence of the massive behavior of a user profile with respect to a product, theme or company.

subscription / project-based
See the evolution of an industry

Research with artificial intelligence of the evolution of a market and predictive models of competitors' strategies.

Launch new products

In contrast to intuition-based design, we apply data science to design products that connect with end users.

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Pattterns working methodology


FOCUS setup

We evaluate the project together, reviewing your requirements, the target audience, the market situation and the scope of the work to be done.




Massive extraction of digital behavioral data from target users




Big Data modeling to find patterns of behavior in an industry or with respect to a user profile


Project implementation

Based on these models of behavior, we implemented processes of digital transformation and campaign design.

Any questions?

Write to us with your doubts, your idea, or your business challenge. We can start to evaluate your project with you in a first meeting without obligation. info@pattterns.io 967 555 300


Is this a data science tool?

No. We use Data Science tools to make better decisions and design better products or directly present those opportunities detected in your market.

A simile

It’s like hiring a good team of designers instead of paying a Photoshop license: you are interested in the final design, not learning how to use an interface to edit raster graphics.

Can an SME contract these services?

Of course. On a smaller scale, data science can be used, for example, to renew your e-commerce or to launch a small communication campaign to ensure that business objectives are met. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to explain it to you.

What is the return of working with you?

Companies invest daily in initiatives that are based on intuition or on imitating competitors and in most cases do not achieve the expected results. With a scientific basis of how your customers behave you can more easily guess and reduce the risk of those investments. Information is a great resource that everyone has, but almost nobody uses..

How does it differ from monitoring or survey companies?

  • The first ones provide superficial data of a market, but they do not find patterns of behavior or specific opportunities for your company.
  • The latter ones are dedicated to asking users about their future behavior (usually conditioning their responses) while we directly analyze what they are already doing.
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