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We’re Pattterns, a creative research team located in Spain. We’ve been more than 6 years creating digital content for international brands at agencies, and for a long time, we have seen how many companies invest in Digital Content having only superficial knowledge about their digital competition landscape. That is why we came together as a dedicated team with the purpose of going deeper. After a lot of experimentation, we pride ourselves on developing unique and professional reports based on Content Mining and Data Science.

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Guillermo Fernández

Model Thinker | Customer Behavior

I love developing behavior models to better understand why people buy certain products, like certain Facebook pictures or download certain contents.

Marcos Menéndez

Model Thinker | Designer

Design must always have a purpose. Goal driven design turns information into visual tools that could easily push decisions and transforms art into something that we can measure.

Daniel Pascual

Model Thinker | Creator

Good stories change the way you think, great stories change the way you feel. I combine Filmmaking and Consulting experience to create stories that connect with your business model.

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Business Intelligence

Investing in Digital Content should be safer than the trial and error approach and easier than a Big Data MBA.